We invest in three high-growth sectors improving education delivery.



Educate Global is a cross-sector fund, with a thematic focus on improving the educational outcomes of children as well as creating jobs for women and young people.

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals) provide a global framework for addressing the most urgent global social and environmental challenges. The U.N. estimates that meeting the SDGs will require more than US$5 trillion in annual investment. However, according to current public and development funding rates, there is an investment gap of around US$2.5 trillion.

Educate Global believes that the private sector will play a critical role in closing that gap. As a private equity fund, Educate Global is in a unique position to drive vital capital into businesses with the power to create positive change in emerging markets.

Today, 63 million children worldwide do not have access to education – 53 per cent of which are girls. If current public and private financing trends continue, it is estimated that just four out of 10 school-age children will gain basic secondary-level skills, leaving 1.4 billion children in low and middle-income countries without the skills they need to succeed.

Educate Global believes that ambitious private capital can play a vital role in transforming education delivery across the globe, whilst generating competitive rates of return for investors.

Our strategy reimagines the traditional approach to education investment, by focusing on three sectors that have a direct impact on educational delivery and learning outcomes: Health, Nutrition, and Education Infrastructure.

Our extensive local research and focused studies, delivered with the support of Oxford Policy Management and DFID, demonstrates that investing in these sectors significantly improves key education indicators, including: cognitive development, attendance, school attainment and the transition rate of girls from primary to secondary school.

By investing in these high-growth sectors, investors will support the effectiveness and impact of public and governmental funding whilst creating quality, inclusive employment opportunities.


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