Educate Global offers institutional investors a dedicated private equity approach with impact and ESG integral to the investment process.




Educate Global offers institutional investors a dedicated and disciplined private equity investment approach, with the aim of achieving financial returns and environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance targets for each portfolio business.

We invest in established medium-sized businesses operating in three high-growth sectors: Health, Nutrition, and Education Infrastructure, each of which significantly improve education delivery.

We bring a hands-on approach to value creation with a medium to long term horizon (4 to 6 years holding period), consistent with the real needs of midcap companies in East Africa. We typically invest between $5m to $10m in capital per investment, taking significant minority positions. We build dedicated and concentrated portfolios (8 to 10 investee companies) with inherent intangible competitive assets – regional presence, client focus, governance , brands and social impact you can trust.

The Fund’s investments are primarily expected to constitute Equity, Mezzanine or Hybrid securities, and to lesser extend Debt and some working capital loans. The team has the ability to tailor the investment structure adopting a mix of financing instruments to match the stage of company’s growth.

Our local team work side-by-side with our portfolio companies, applying on-the-ground knowledge and sector experience to create profitable expansion strategies, to build capacity and to improve financial and ESG performance.

Educate Global is a patient investor focused on adding value to its portfolio companies by:

  • Strengthening local management teams;
  • Enhancing corporate governance, financial reporting, and transparency;
  • Aligning interests of all shareholders with management;
  • Focusing on long term growth and business improvements

For its limited partners, Educate Global adheres to providing transparent, timely, and relevant information about portfolio investments from sourcing to exits. Educate Global’s investment approach relies on its strong team with unique understanding of challenges and opportunities facing medium sized businesses, especially family-owned businesses, in key industries within the East African region. Its team members have:

  • Industry experience with key sectors of the fund mandate;
  • A proven track record of leading industry consolidations, regional expansion strategies, and starting companies within new and underserved sectors;
  • Extensive structuring experience, helping them to gain access to minority investments, protecting downside, and providing multiple liquidity options

After working alongside our portfolio companies to secure a long-term growth and profitability trajectory, Educate Global aims to exit the investment typically through follow-on capital or trade sale.

Educate Global acts as strategic partner working side by side with management teams to create shareholder value whilst adhering to the following principles:


We target ambitious growth

Backing high impact and high growth expansion (via growth capital or greenfield projects) allows our investee companies to leverage their existing intangible assets and expand into serving low and middle-income customers, even in difficult geographies and context.


We combine industry expertise, market knowledge and strong networks

We support our portfolio companies with valuable strategic advice, leveraging our team’s extensive industry and market knowledge. Our extensive regional network, provides our portfolio companies with further access to strategic, financial, technical and commercial expertise and potential partnerships.


We make strategic partnerships and collaborations

We work in close partnership with our portfolio companies, working alongside our investee management to build impactful growth strategies. We’re building an ecosystem of strategic and operational partners who will work to support our portfolio and create a community of education-focused experts. Partnership with EGF means striving for better investments, stronger businesses, and shared success.


We’re independent from the ground up

Educate Global’s shareholding and management structure, which is independent from any bank or industrial group, offers unique protection against conflicts of interest. Using an integrated approach, Educate Global also works closely with companies and investment partners globally to deliver flexible capital solutions negotiated on best possible terms.


We invest with integrity
Our team and partners are committed to operating against the highest ethical standards; we’re bound by a strict code of conduct that assures confidentiality, and we’re lead by a mission to fulfill the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – from our education-focus, to our environmentally-minded approach. We work with our portfolio companies to ensure the same high standards.

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