Educate Global is committed to investing in high growth and purpose-led businesses in some of the world’s fastest growing regions.


Educate Global makes private equity investments in for-profit businesses with a direct impact on the educational outcomes of children and young people, initially within the East African region. Our cross-sector approach to investment drives private capital into five high-growth industries which directly support education delivery: Health, Nutrition, Sanitation, Energy and Technology.

We typically invest between $5m to $10m in capital, and we bring operational and management experience that enables our companies to achieve their ambitious visions. We look for investee companies with the potential to scale to become “regional champions”, with the right intangible assets to grow and endure.

Our local team work side-by-side with our portfolio companies, investing their on-the-ground knowledge and experience to build profitable expansion strategies, to strengthen capabilities and to improve performance.

In this way, we are able to secure competitive returns for our investors, whilst delivering long-term impact on educational outcomes, improving the effectiveness of existing government funding and creating quality local employment opportunities for women and youth.

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